Seeds and Sky Sunlight Saxon discography

Illustrated Sky Sunlight Saxon and Seeds discography, including 7" singles, vinyl LPs, EPs, compact discs, and others from 1960 until now.

This is a list of albums, singles, EPs, box sets and more from The Seeds and from Sky Sunlight Saxon's various solo and band projects.

Pre-Seeds era (1960-1964)

Sky's first known extant songs were released in 1960 on a 7-inch single as Dick Marsh; through 1964 he would release six total such singles, on six different labels and with six different artist credits. These were "teen idol" type songs — corny from today's perspective (and, arguably, then too), but Sky's nasal whine and confidence was obvious even on these.

The Seeds (1965-1972)

From 1965, Sky had a new band, The Seeds, who had a Top 40 hit with "Pushin' Too Hard". The Seeds were on the GNP Crescendo label, releasing five albums and several singles through 1969. The Seeds released two singles for MGM in 1970, then a self-released single in 1972. Compilations would follow, from Crescendo and others, and the name "Seeds" would be applied in various forms to later Sky Saxon projects.


Sky hung out with Jim Baker (a.k.a. Father Yod) the Source Family, a sort of new-age hippie group-cum-cult, in California and Hawaii in the early and mid-1970s, but didn't appear on the several LPs self-released by Ya Ho Wha 13, the group's internal music project. He released some new garage-rock on singles and EPs in the mid 1970s, as well as three LPs of very strange psychedelic meditation music, two with Source Family friends. After 1977, Sky guested on one of his own songs on an album by Allright Family Band in 1980, but otherwise was silent until 1984.


In the 1980s, Sky had two main projects that saw him enjoying renewed popularity during a psychedelic 1960s revival. Fire Wall and Dragonslayers both released two albums of new garage rock music, and Sky hung out and played live in California, enjoying the drugs and girls then on the scene.


After the second Dragonslayers album, and an unusual synth-pop excursion called Sky Saxon's U.S.A. in 1991, Sky was quiet for a couple years. Eventually he formed a new band called Fast Planet that released a CD in 1994 and a live cassette in 1995. He then was silent for several years, during which he worked with Captain Trip, a Japanese company, to release a 13-CD box set of Ya Ho Wha recordings (the 1970s albums he by and large wasn't on). He is on three of the set's CDs, which comprise some late-1970s songs both released and unreleased.


Beginning in 2004, Sky returned and began releasing albums with an unprecedented frequency, with different bands and a variety of names, that saw him singing classic Sky Saxon garage rock as well as softer, longer meditative pieces with friends old and new. Vinyl was a big part of this era for Sky; several vinyl-only singles were made available on various labels, while other albums were released on limited-edition vinyl as well as CD and/or download versions.

Sky Saxon died on June 25, 2009.

Post-death era

In 2012, Big Beat released an expanded CD version of The Seeds' debut album, full of bonus tracks and well-researched liner notes. It was the first in a series of Seeds reissues which explore the unreleased archives properly for the first time. These CDs are a godsend for Seeds fans and for Sky Saxon chroniclers.

Global Recording Artists (GRA Group) has been leading the online Sky reissues in the 2010s, and continues to release out-of-print (or never-released) post-Seeds Sky Saxon music from different eras, often in download form.

The twists and turns of Sky Saxon's discography

Compiling Sky Saxon's complete discography is a monumental task: he used a huge variety of names for himself and his projects, and much of his output, especially from the 1970s and 1980s, has a mysterious history. Dates, personnel, and other details can be hard to pin down; many releases contain scant liner notes. Furthermore, the internet is full of misinformation about Sky and his releases, and inaccuracies are often handed down from website to website. Time lends a credence to even wildly dubious "facts" that can make untangling the truth challenging.

So this is my attempt at an accurate reflection of Sky Sunlight Saxon's various releases in a variety of formats — vinyl, CDs, 8-track tapes, MP3 downloads, et cetera. Information is comprised of liner notes, believable websites, interviews, and other hopefully reliable sources.

Buying LPs, CDs, tapes, etc.

Actually finding physical copies of all Sky's items can be a lifetime pursuit in and of itself; although much of it is available readily in some form, some of it isn't, or is very rarely seen. For anyone who loves to own the original articles that gave the world this music, the hunt can be fun, rewarding, and demanding of ones patience and diligence.

Have a correction or addition? Let us know.

Note: This list does not include multiple-artist compilations with Sky Saxon or Seeds music (such as Nuggets). There are just too many of them.

"Starlight Date"  (mid-1950s)
by Richard Marsh?
◼ acetate

A song recorded when Richard Marsh was a teenager. Played on local radio in Salt Lake City, Utah, but no copy seems to have survived. (From the liner notes of 2003's Starlight Date LP [see below].)

Rosco Records 45rpm label of "What Chance Have I" by Dick Marsh (aka Sky Saxon), 1960
"What Chance Have I" b/w "There's Only One Girl"  (1960)  Rosco 412
by Dick Marsh
◼ 7-inch

Sky Saxon's first known release.

"Half Angel" by Richie Marsh and The Hoodwinks promo label (Acama 125)
"Half Angel" b/w "Baby, Baby, Baby"  (1961)  Acama 125
by Richie Marsh and The Hoodwinks
◼ 7-inch

Both sides co-written by now-grown Little Rascal Darla Hood, who also sings backup on both.

"They Say" by Ritchie Marsh (Sky Saxon) 45rpm label from Shepherd Records
"They Say" b/w "Darling, I Swear That It's True"  (1962)  Shepherd SR-2203
by Ritchie Marsh
◼ 7-inch

"Goodby" by Little Ritchie Marsh 45 rpm record label from Äva Records
"Goodby" b/w "Crying Inside My Heart"  (1963)  Äva C-122
by Little Ritchie Marsh
◼ 7-inch

"Go Ahead And Cry" by Sky Saxon and The Soul Rockers record label (Conquest 777)
"Go Ahead And Cry" b/w "They Say"  (1963)  Conquest 777
by Sky Saxon and The Soul Rockers
◼ 7-inch

First use of the name 'Sky Saxon'. Conquest was a label created by Sky especially for this one release. The b-side "They Say" is a re-recording of the 1962 a-side on Shepherd.

"Trouble With My Baby" by Sky Saxon and The Electra Fires label (Joie 45-626)
"Trouble With My Baby" b/w "Do The Swim"  (1964)  Joie 45-626
by Sky Saxon and The Electra Fires
◼ 7-inch

The final pre-Seeds release.

GNP Crescendo 45pm label for "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" by The Seeds
"Can't Seem To Make You Mine" b/w "Daisy Mae"  (1965)  GNP 354
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

First Seeds release, on their new label GNP Crescendo.

"You're Pushin' Too Hard" by The Seeds on GNP Crescendo, GNP 364
"You're Pushin' Too Hard" b/w "Out Of The Question"  (1965)  GNP 364
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

"Try To Understand" by The Seeds promo label (GNP 370)
"Try To Understand" b/w "The Other Place"  (1966)  GNP 370
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Cover art for The Seeds' self-titled 1966 debut album
The Seeds  (1966)  GNP 2023
by The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

Reissued in 2012 with bonus tracks by Big Beat (GNPD 2292)

"Pushin' Too Hard" label by The Seeds on GNP Crescendo, GNP 372
"Pushin' Too Hard" b/w "Try To Understand"  (1966)  GNP 372
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Two previous a-sides repackaged, with "You're Pushin' Too Hard" renamed "Pushin' Too Hard". This would be the Seeds' only top 40 hit.

Cover art for The Seeds' "A Web of Sound" LP
A Web Of Sound  (1966)  GNP 2033
by The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

Reissued in 2013 with bonus tracks by Big Beat (CDWIK2 310)

"Mr. Farmer" by The Seeds record label on GNP Crescendo, GNP 383
"Mr. Farmer" b/w "No Escape"  (1967)  GNP 383
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

The first of two simultaneous (or nearly) releases of "Mr. Farmer", with "No Escape" from the first album as its b-side.

"Mr. Farmer" b/w "Up In Her Room" picture sleeve on GNP Crescendo, GNP 383
"Mr. Farmer" b/w "Up In Her Room"  (1967)  GNP 383
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Same catalog number as the other "Mr. Farmer" single, but with a different b-side. "Up In Her Room" edited down to 4:14. Unlike the other "Mr. Farmer" single, this version came in a picture sleeve.

"Can't Seem To Make You Mine" b/w "I Tell Myself" by The Seeds picture sleeve (GNP 354 S)
"Can't Seem To Make You Mine" b/w "I Tell Myself"  (1967)  GNP 354
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Re-release of The Seeds' first a-side, with a different b-side but the same catalog number. Came in a picture sleeve.

"A Thousand Shadows" b/w "March Of The Flower Children" by The Seeds picture sleeve on GNP Crescendo, GNP 294
"A Thousand Shadows" b/w "March Of The Flower Children"  (1967)  GNP 394
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Came in a picture sleeve. Both tracks from Future.

Cover art for The Seeds' "Future" LP (1967)
Future  (1967)  GNP 2038
by The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD

Reissued in 2013 with bonus tracks by Big Beat (CDWIK2 312)

GNP Crescendo promo label of The Seeds' "The Wind Blows Your Hair" single
"The Wind Blows Your Hair" b/w "Six Dreams"  (1967)  GNP 398
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

A-side was single-only; the b-side was from Future.

Cover art for "A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues" by The Sky Saxon Blues Band (Seeds)
A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues  (1967)  GNP 2040
by The Sky Saxon Blues Band
LP   ◼ CD

Actually recorded in late 1966, before Future. Entire mono version released on CD #2 of the 2013 A Web Of Sound reissue.

Cover art for "Raw and Alive" by The Seeds
Raw And Alive -- The Seeds In Concert At Merlin's Music Box  (1968)  GNPS 2043
by The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

Studio recordings with overdubbed audience noises. Reissued in 2014 without audience overdubs, and with bonus tracks, by Big Beat (CDWIK2 314)

"Satisfy You" b/w "900 Million People Daily (All Making Love)" by The Seeds picture sleeve (GNP 408)
"Satisfy You" b/w "900 Million People Daily (All Making Love)"  (1968)  GNP 408
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Came in a picture sleeve. Both tracks from Raw And Alive, with audience overdubs.

Promo 45rpm label of The Seeds' "Fallin' Off The Edge Of My Mind" single
"Fallin' Off The Edge Of My Mind" b/w "Wild Blood"  (1969)  GNP 422
by Sky Saxon and The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Kim Fowley-led release with an updated artist credit. Final release on GNP while the band was still with them.

The Seeds' "The Streak To The Sun" (mix 1) acetate record (as sold on ebay)
"The Streak To The Sun"  (1970?)
by The Seeds
◼ acetate

Mentioned by Sky in a 1980s interview. A two-sided acetate (same song on both; 8 minutes each) sold on eBay in 2010 for over $600. A clip was added to the eBay description; if you have a copy of it please let me know! According to Sky, this was a recording test at Columbia Records.

Promo label of The Seeds' "Bad Part Of Town" single on MGM
"Bad Part Of Town" b/w "Wish Me Up"  (1970)  MGM K-14163
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Only promo copies exist?

"Love In A Summer Basket" by The Seeds MGM label (K-14190)
"Love In A Summer Basket" b/w "Did He Die"  (1970)  MGM K-14190
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Only promo copies exist?

Record label for The Seeds' "Shuckin' And Jiving" from 1972
"Shuckin' And Jiving" b/w "You Took Me By Surprise"  (1972)  Productions Unlimited AJ11 & AJ22
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Privately-pressed 7-inch 33 1/3 rpm single with a small center hole. Sky Saxon only appears on the b-side; the a-side is sung by guitarist Richard Barcelona.

Record label for "Diamonds In The Rough" by Sunlight and Thee New Seeds (Sky Saxon) on Emerald Light, 1975
"Diamonds In The Rough" b/w "Universal Stars"  (1975?)  Emerald Light 8
by Sunlight and Thee New Seeds b/w Universe Sun
◼ 7-inch

Exact date unknown. First use of "Sunlight".

1976 "Lovers Cosmic Voyage" (Sunlight) LP Golden Flash label, Side Z
Lovers Cosmic Voyage  (1976?)
by Sunlight
◼ LP

15-minute, 2-sided 12-inch record, possibly recorded ca. 1973. As 'Sunlight', Sky Saxon extemporizes over meandering piano. Red and black (and yellow?) vinyl versions exist. Never reissued.

Label for "Universal Stars" by Sky Sunlight and Thee New Seeds on Expression
"Beautiful Stars" b/w "Universal Stars"  (1976?)  Expression EXP 777-1 & EXP 777-2
by Sky Sunlight and Thee New Seeds
◼ 7-inch

Re-release of the Emerald Light 7-inch, with the artist credits changed, and the a-side retitled and slightly edited.

Cover art for "Fallin' Off The Edge" compilation LP by The Seeds
Fallin' Off The Edge  (1977)
by The Seeds

Rarities and b-sides from 1960s-era Seeds. Never released on CD, though its various tracks have all been issued on various CDs.

Label of Sky Sunlight and Thee New Seeds' "The Queen" / "Tired Of Bein' Poor" EP from 1977 on Expression
"In Love With Life"/"Starry Ride" b/w "The Queen"/"Tired Of Bein' Poor"  (1977?)  Expression EXP 777-3 & 777-4
by Thee New Seeds with Sky Sunlight
◼ 7-inch EP

4-song 7-inch EP with a small center hole. Some varieties were on colored vinyl.

Cover art for "Yodship" album with Sky Saxon and Source Family members
Yodship  (1977?)
by Yodship
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

12-inch LP with two 15-minute sides called Yodship Suites 1 and 2. Free-form psychedelic jams featuring Source Family members with Sky Saxon (a.k.a. Arelich Aquarian) extemporizing vocals. Possibly recorded ca. 1973. Reissued on vinyl, and on CD as part of the God And Hair Ya Ho Wha 13 box set.

1977 "In Praise Of Our Father" (Yodship Suite 3) LP jacket hand-drawn art
In Praise Of Our Father  (1977?)
by Yodship
◼ LP

a.k.a. Yodship Suite 3; a continuation from the Yodship LP. One-sided 12-inch record (the other side is blank except for pressing plant test tones). Never reissued and extremely rare, though it's been unofficially available for download.

1977 "Golden Sunrise" (Fire, Water, Air) front cover photo
Golden Sunrise  (1977)
by Fire, Water, Air
◼ 8-track   ◼ LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

First released on 8-track tape; later on vinyl and CD.

1977 "Heavenly Earth" (Stars New Seeds) LP front cover
Heavenly Earth -- Fruitarians Vegitarians [live]  (1977)
by Sunlight Rainbow Stars New Seeds

Live album with Sky Saxon and guitarist Rainbow Starburst and an ad-hoc band from September 9, 1977 at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles. Blue 12-inch vinyl; never reissued.

1980 "Music Is Love - Maui" (Allright Family Band) LP front cover art
Music Is Love -- Maui  (1980)  A.F.B. SS2001
by Allright Family Band
◼ LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

Hawaii-based group. Sky Saxon guests on one song, a version of his own "Starry Ride". Also features Djin Aquarian on bass.

Cover art for "Bad Part Of Town" 1982 compilation by The Seeds
Bad Part Of Town  (1982)
by Sky Saxon / The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

Some pre-Seeds Sky Saxon solo singles, plus all six songs from the three post-GNP Seeds singles. One CD version includes an additional pre-Seeds song, plus several live 1980s Fire Wall tracks collectively credited to Sky Saxon and called The Live Album Bedtime. This expanded version is available for download as well.

Cover art for "New Fruit From Old Seeds" compilation LP by Sky Saxon
New Fruit From Old Seeds -- The Rare Sky Saxon, Volume 1  (1983)
by The Seeds / Sky Saxon (as Richard Marsh, etc)

Early pre-Seeds Sky Saxon songs plus post-GNP Seeds tracks -- very similar to Bad Part Of Town. Includes a low-fidelity recording of The Seeds doing "A Thousand Shadows" live on TV in 1967 not found elsewhere. Never reissued.

Cover art for "Starry Ride" EP by Sky Sunlight Saxon and the Stars New Seeds Band
Starry Ride  (1984)  Psycho 29
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and The Stars New Seeds Band
◼ EP

4-song 12-inch EP on clear vinyl. Recordings with Rainbow Starburst, evidently from the late 1970s.

Cover art for "Masters Of Psychedelia" by Sky Sunlight Saxon Universal Stars Peace Band
Masters Of Psychedelia  (1984)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon Universal Stars Peace Band

Side A is new psych-metalish songs; Side B is late-70s recordings with Rainbow Starburst. Never reissued.

"Bad Part Of Town" b/w "Darling, I Swear That It's True"  (1985)  Jukebox 3
by Seeds and Sky Saxon
◼ 7-inch

Jukebox single to promote the Bad Part Of Town compilation LP. The a-side is a Seeds a-side from 1970, while the b-side is from the b-side of a 1962 single Sky released under the name Ritchie Marsh. Both sides credited confusingly to 'Seeds and Sky Saxon'.

Promo label of SS-20 with Sky Saxon singing "Paradise" and "Born To Be Wild"
"Paradise"/"Born To Be Wild"  (1986)  Voxx EP-3304
by SS-20 with Sky Saxon
◼ 7-inch

Sky Saxon (and Mars Bonfire) guest with the band SS-20 on one side of this 4-song EP; the tracks "Trouble" and "No Matter What" do not feature Sky.

Cover art for Sky Sunlight Saxon's "...A Groovy Thing" LP
...A Groovy Thing  (1986)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Fire Wall
LP   ◼ CD*

French release of new songs with a new band, Fire Wall. Released in the US as Destiny's Children with a different cover.
* Released as part of the ...In Search Of Brighter Colors + ...A Groovy Thing 2-on-1 single CD in 1989.

Cover art for "Destiny's Children" by Sky Sunlight Saxon/Fire Wall
Destiny's Children  (1986)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Fire Wall
LP   ◼ Download

American release of ...A Groovy Thing, with new cover art.

Cover art for "Private Party -- Live At The Cavern Club" by Sky Sunlight Saxon/Purple Electricity
Private Party [live]  (1986)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Purple Electricity

Shambolic live album. Never reissued.

Sky Saxon interview on vinyl EP "Dog=God" with inserts
Dog = God  (1987)  Fright 009
by Sky Saxon
◼ 7-inch

Interview disc with several inserts on the Fierce Recordings label.

Cover art for Sky Sunlight Saxon and The Original Seeds' 1987 LP "Takes and Glories"
Takes And Glories  (1987)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and The Original Seeds
◼ LP

Despite the cover photo, doesn't actually feature the original Seeds. Odd mix of new tracks, previously-released tracks, and crude new overdubs on decades-old recordings.

Cover art for CD version of The Seeds' "Evil Hoodoo" compilation
Evil Hoodoo [compilation]  (1988)
by The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD

GNP Crescendo compilation of popular and more-accessible 1960s Seeds songs. Black vinyl and picture disc versions both made available for the LP. CD (pictured) had different cover art than the LP.

Cover art for vinyl LP "...In Search Of Brighter Colors" by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Fire Wall
...In Search Of Brighter Colors  (1988)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Fire Wall
LP   ◼ CD

French release of a second Fire Wall album. CD version also includes ...A Groovy Thing in its entirety; download versions are a good deal because they also offer both albums for a single-album price. Released in the US as World Fantastic with different cover art.

Front cover art for "World Fantastic" by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Fire Wall (1988)
World Fantastic  (1988)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Fire Wall

American release of ...In Search Of Brighter Colors, with new cover art. All but three of these tracks are available on CD (or download) on the CD version of that album.

Cover art for "Just Imagine" by Sky Sunlight Saxon Dragonslayers SSS
Just Imagine  (1989)  Pinpoint 572-91
by Sky Sunlight Saxon Dragonslayers SSS
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Cassette?

Sky continued his retro-garage psych comeback attempts with a new band, Dragonslayers.

Front of the picture sleeve for the "Wild Roses" 7-inch single by Sky Sunlight Saxon Dragonslayers SSS (1989)
"Wild Roses" b/w "Focus Point"  (1989)  Pinpoint 572-91 175 AA
by Sky Sunlight Saxon Dragonslayers SSS
◼ 7-inch

Two songs from the Just Imagine album. Came in a picture sleeve.

Cover art for "Breakin' Through The Doors" by Sky Sunlight Saxon and the Dragonslayers
Breakin' Through The Doors  (1990)
by Sunlight Sky Saxon and The Dragonslayers

Second Dragonslayers release, with a slightly updated artist credit. CD only.

1991 "A Faded Picture" (The Seeds) CD booklet front cover
A Faded Picture [compilation]  (1991)
by The Seeds

A sort of companion piece to the Evil Hoodoo compilation, showcasing some of the lesser-known and less-accessible side of The Seeds. CD only.

Cover art for "Flashback" by Sky Saxon's USA (1992 CD with Dana Smith)
Flashback  (1991)
by Sky Saxon's USA

Sky Saxon singing wearily over peppy, 1980s-style synthesizers courtesy of Dana Smith. Quite unlike anything else in his career.

Cover art for "Travel With Your Mind" 1993 CD by The Seeds
Travel With Your Mind  (1993)
by The Seeds
CD   ◼ Download

GNP Crescendo compilation of rarities and various unreleased 1960s-era Seeds songs.

1994 "Down The Nile" (Fast Planet) CD booklet front cover
Down The Nile  (1994)
by Fast Planet
CD   ◼ Download

Psychedelic garage rock album with a new band.

Cover art for "Rockin' The Croc/West Coast" by Fast Planet with Sky Saxon
Rockin' The Croc/West Coast [live]  (1995)
by Fast Planet
◼ Cassette   ◼ CD?   ◼ Download

Live album from Fast Planet, featuring songs from Down The Nile as well as Seeds covers. Available formats are unclear; almost certainly cassette, probably not CD. Now available as a download.

Cover art for "Flower Punk" box set by The Seeds
Flower Punk [box set]  (1996)
by The Seeds

Comprehensive 3-CD box set featuring all tracks from The Seeds' five 1960s albums plus several rarities and odds-n-ends.

Cover art for Ya Ho Wha 13's "God And Hair" 13xCD box set
God And Hair [box set]  (1998)
by Ya Ho Wha 13

Sky Saxon oversaw this Japanese 13-CD box set of Ya Ho Wha 13 music from the 1970s. Sky only appears on three of the CDs. Re-released in 2005 in a less-deluxe but still nice wooden box.

Cover art for "Early Sky Saxon" compilation (Richard Marsh and the Hoodwinks)
Early Sky Saxon [compilation]  (2001)
by Richard Marsh and The Hoodwinks
◼ CD?

Incomplete and impossible to find collection of early pre-Seeds Sky Saxon solo songs. I'm not sure this ever really existed.

Cover art for "Golden Vaults Vol. 1: Timeless" by Sky Sunlight Saxon
Golden Vaults Volume 1: Timeless  (2001)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon
◼ CD?

Another impossible to find collection, this time of disparate 1990s-era obscurities. Tantalizing but never seen. If you have a copy, please describe it for me!

Cover art for "Happy Now" by the Happy Hour Band (Sky Saxon)
Happy Now  (2002)
by The Happy Hour Band

Limited release of ca. 1999 recordings of Sky and Djin Aquarian. Lengthy, acoustic full-band jams.

Cover art for "A Starlight Date With Richard Marsh" by Sky Saxon
Sky Saxon Presents A Starlight Date With Richard Marsh  (2003)
by Richard Marsh

Vinyl-only compilation of all twelve known pre-Seeds Sky Saxon singles, under a variety of names.

Norton Records label for "The Singer Not The Song" Rolling Stones cover by The Seeds
"The Singer Not The Song" b/w "Something Happened To Me Yesterday"  (2004)  Norton 9655
by Sky Saxon and The Seeds b/w The Lairds
◼ 7-inch

Sky Saxon and his new Seeds split this 7-inch single with The Lairds, each covering a Jagger-Richards song (so Sky is only on one side).

Cover art for Sky Saxon and the Seeds' "Red Planet" album
Red Planet  (2004)
by Sky Saxon and The Seeds
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

Psych garage songs with a new band called Seeds (not the original guys).

Seeds and Sky Saxon "Live In The UK" limited 2004 CD cover art
Live In The UK  (2005)  Grow GRC01
by The Seeds featuring Sky Saxon
◼ CD

Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered CDs, recorded live in 2003 in Bristol.

Cover art for "Built Myself A Greenhouse" by Robert Morgan Fisher
Built Myself A Greenhouse  (2005)  Imperative Records
by Robert Morgan Fisher
◼ CD   ◼ Download

Features Sky Saxon playing didgeridoo on the track "Buncha Damn Songwriters".

Cover art for "Transparency" by Sky Sunlight Saxon
Transparency  (2005)
by Sky Saxon
CD   ◼ Download

More new psych garage rock songs. Came with a bonus DVD featuring a live show and a documentary of Sky Saxon in England.

Cover art for "Let's Take A Trip With" by Yesterday's Thoughts, featuring Sky Saxon on two songs
Let's Take A Ride  (2005)  Sound Effect SER 001
by Yesterday's Thoughts
◼ LP   ◼ CD

Features Sky Saxon singing lead on two songs, "If I Had Some Marijuana" and "Build Yourself An Aero Plane".

Cover art for "A Spring Honeymoon With God And Family" by King Arthur's Court with Sky Saxon
A Spring Honeymoon With God And Family  (2006)
by King Arthur's Court
CD   ◼ Download

Released as a CD-R (with full-color art in a jewel case?), but most prominently as a download.

Cover of the double CD "Pushin' Too Hard - Best Of The Seeds" compilation
Pushin' Too Hard [compilation]  (2007)  Music Club Deluxe MCDLX 039
by The Seeds
◼ CD

2-CD best-of collection, featuring songs from all five original Seeds albums plus b-sides and other items from the 1977 Fallin' Off The Edge collection.

Cover art for "An All-Star Tribute To Lynyrd Skynyrd", which features "Swamp Music" performed by Sky Saxon
"Swamp Music"  (2007)
by Sky Saxon and Joey Covington
◼ CD   ◼ Download

Sky recorded this Lynyrd Skynyrd song with Jefferson Airplane drummer Joey Covington. It has appeared on various Skynyrd tribute CDs and is a downloadable track.

Cover art for the 2009 re-release of "Tyrants In The House" by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Flights
Tyrants In The House  (2007)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Flights
CD   ◼ Download

Re-released in 2009 with different cover art.

Cover art for "SOS Radio - SSS Radio" by Sky Saxon/Atlantic Rising
SOS Radio - SSS Radio  (2007)
by Atlantic Rising

Cover art for "An All-Star Tribute To ZZ Top", which features "Sharp Dressed Man" performed by Sky Saxon
"Sharp Dressed Man"  (2008)
by Sky Saxon
◼ Download

Sky recorded this song that has appeared on CDs and as downloads on various configurations of ZZ Top tribute albums.

Vinyl LP cover art for Sky Sunlight Saxon's album "The King Of Garage Rock"
The King Of Garage Rock  (2008)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon
LP   ◼ CD   ◼ Download

All cover songs, featuring 1960s rock songs including some Seeds classics.

Cover art for "Back To The Garden" by The Seeds
Back To The Garden  (2008)
by The Seeds
CD   ◼ Download

Label from The Seeds' 7-inch release of "Halt"
"Halt!" b/w "Amnesty"  (2009)  Shake 1
by The Seeds b/w The Royal Family Starring Sunlight Atomic Save The World
◼ 7-inch

Moonshake released this vinyl single, with Sky as the focus on both sides despite the different artist credits.

Cover art for "Lysergic Legacy" by The Fuzztones, which features Sky Saxon
Lysergic Legacy  (2009)  Cleopatra CLP 3745
by Fuzztones
◼ CD   ◼ (LP)

CD features Sky Saxon singing on the track "Get Naked". There was a vinyl version of this album with fewer songs; Sky's is only on the CD.

Cover art for "Triptamine Volume 4" by Vibravoid, with Sky Saxon on one track
Triptamine EP Vol. 4  (2009)
by Vibravoid
◼ Vinyl EP

Features Sky Saxon singing "Fantastic Party" live in Germany from 2008. Limited edition of 300.

Promo CD from Sky Saxon and Dana Smith called "Sir Majik Love Her's Le Chateau"
Sir Majik Love Her's Le Chateau  (2009)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Dana Smith
◼ Promo CD

Cover art for Sky Saxon's 2008 album "Dragonslayer"
Dragonslayer  (2009?)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon

Cover art of the "California '66" various artists CD
California 66 Tour Edition  (2009)  Prunetwang
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and others
◼ CD

A CD created to sell at California 66 shows on a tour starring The Electric Prunes, Love, and The Seeds. Sky Saxon died and the tour was canceled.

Cover art for Sky Saxon's "Top Secret" web-only box set
Top Secret  (2009?)
by The Seeds
◼ CD?

Mentioned on Sky Saxon's widow Sabrina's website. Described as a box set of Seeds rarities, but I don't think this ever really existed.

Square cover of the vinyl Sky Sunlight Saxon/Vibravoid "A Poetry Of Love" LP
A Poetry Of Love  (2010)  Anazitisi ARLP 00-46F
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Vibravoid
◼ LP

Neo-psychedelic band Vibravoid with Sky Saxon. 2010 edition was 200 copies on colored vinyl in a deluxe round package. 2011 edition was 300 copies on black vinyl in a conventional square cover (pictured).

Cover art of the "Destiny Of Aquarius" CD by Djin Aquarian, featuring Sky Saxon on two tracks
Destiny Of Aquarius  (2010)  Global Recording Artists
by Djin Aquarian
◼ CD

Ya Ho Wha member solo CD, featuring Sky Saxon on two tracks ("The Children's Song" and "Children of The Rainbow").

2011 "Evil Hoodoo" (The Seeds) Record Store Day vinyl EP front cover art
Evil Hoodoo [EP]  (2011)  Big Beat LTDEP 010
by The Seeds
◼ 10-inch EP

Released for Record Store Day 2011. Three tracks from Big Beat's then-upcoming Seeds CD reissues: "Evil Hoodoo" [full-length], "Satisfy You" [undubbed], and "Out Of The Question" [version 1, take 1].

"Pushin' Too Hard [unedited version]" by The Seeds 7-inch vinyl single label (Ace Records and GNP Crescendo, 2012)
"Pushin' Too Hard" [unedited] b/w "Girl I Want You" [alternate]  (2012)  GNP Crescendo NW 502
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch

The a-side was available only on this record and features an extra verse edited out of the well-known version. The b-side outtake was taken from Big Beat's 2012 expanded reissue of The Seeds.

Cover of "Mesmerized" by Kevin Dippold and The Float Associates, featuring Sky Saxon on one track
Mesmerized  (2011)  iMusician Digital
by Kevin Dippold and The Float Associates
◼ Download

Features Sky Saxon singing on the track "Are You In?". Recorded "a few months" before he died, and released in 2011.

"Accelerate Yourself" (Sky Sunlight Saxon and Djin Aquarian) art
Accelerate Yourself  (2012)
by Sky Sunlight Saxon and Djin Aquarian
◼ Download

Ya Ho Wha members Sky and Djin recorded this meditative psych music, released on Djin Aquarian's website in 2012.

Cover of the 7-inch x2 Seeds "Bad Part Of Town" vinyl set for Record Store Day 2013 on Sundazed
Bad Part Of Town EP  (2013)
by The Seeds
◼ 7-inch x2

Released for Record Store Day 2013. All four Seeds songs from the two MGM singles made in 1970: "Bad Part Of Town" b/w "Wish Me Up" and "Love In A Summer Basket" b/w "Did He Die". With explanatory liner notes about this era of Sky Saxon and The Seeds.

Buy Sunlight Saxon for sale

LP Sky Saxon , Purple Electricity Private Party Live At The Cavern Club
Ya Ho Wa 13 Yodship Hand Numbered #240/300 Pokora NM Record [Vinyl]
Breakin' Through the Doors [CD]
Psychotic Reaction & Raw and Alive: Live At Merlin's Music Box [CD]
Atlantic Rising - SOS Radio (feat. Sky Sunlight Saxon & Demetrius) [M4A]
Sky Sunlight Saxon & Firewall - Destiny's Children [M4A]


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Nov 7, 2014  [203 days ago]

There is also the Sky Saxon/Firewall song "Christmas in the Courtroom" on the 1990 V.A. lp, "Stuff This in Your Stocking! Elves in Action"

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