Sky "Sunlight" Saxon and The Seeds

The Seeds were the greatest garage punk band of the 1960s, from their debut in 1965 until their dissolution in the early 1970s. Lead singer and instigator Sky Saxon continued an erratic and brilliant solo career until his death in 2009. is a repository of information about Sky "Sunlight" Saxon, The Seeds, and related projects. Album reviews, song reviews, cover and label scans, and much more await the inquisitive SSS fan.

Seeds/Sky Saxon Albums

Read reviews and get information about various LPs and CDs from The Seeds and from Sky Saxon and his various projects.

New reviews will be added as they are written; eventually this section will be complete.
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Reviews of individual Sky Saxon songs. Like the universe, this section is ever-expanding.
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Physical Sky objects. Gallery of records, CDs, and other items both common and rare.
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Deep Sky

Resources and info about Sky Saxon and the Seeds for the more obsessive committed fan.
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