Sky "Sunlight" Saxon and The Seeds

The Seeds were the greatest garage punk band of the 1960s, from their debut in 1965 until their dissolution in the early 1970s. Lead singer and instigator Sky Saxon continued an erratic and brilliant solo career until his death in 2009. is a repository of information about Sky "Sunlight" Saxon, The Seeds, and related projects. Album reviews, song reviews, cover and label scans, and much more await the inquisitive SSS fan.

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Raw & Alive [The Seeds In Concert] 8-track tape

The rare 8-track tape verdsion of The Seeds' Raw & Alive album is called simply "The Seeds In Concert", and omits two of the songs from the vinyl LP.

A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues 4/8 track tape

A very obscure 4/8 track tape hybrid cartridge of The Sky Saxon Blues Band's 1967 album A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues. Photos and information.

Future 8-track tape

This 8-track tape version of The Seeds' classic album Future only includes a few of the songs and so is one of the stranger Seeds collectibles around.

Future 4-track tape

The rare 4-track tape version of The Seeds' seminal 1967 psychedelic masterpiece Future is a very collectible and fascinating musical objet d'art.

A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues 4-track tape

Rare scans and info about The Seeds' 1967 4-track tape version of A Full Spoon Of Seedy Blues, credited to The Sky Saxon Blues Band.

A Web Of Sound 4-track tape

Photos and information about the rare 4-track tape cartridge version of The Seeds' second album A Web Of Sound from 1966.

Raw And Alive 4-track tape

Info and scans for a rare still-sealed 4-track tape cartridge of The Seeds' final GNP Crescendo album of the 1960s, the faux-live Raw And Alive.

World Fantastic cassette

Information and photos of the cassette version of Sky "Sunlight" Saxon and Fire Wall's 1988 album World Fantastic from Skyclad Records.

Fallin' Off The Edge cassette

Photos and information about the compact cassette tape version of The Seeds' 1977 rarities compilation album Fallin' Off The Edge.

Raw & Alive cassette

1980s-era compact cassette of The Seeds' 1968 album Raw & Alive – In Concert Merlin's Music Box.

The Seeds (1966 album) cassette

Photos and information about the 1980s-era cassette release of The Seeds' 1966 debut album on GNP Crescendo.